Home Learning

Home learning will be assigned daily, and collected the next school day. Failure to turn in home learning will result in a color change.
Read 30 Minutes
30 Minutes of 
i-Ready Reading
Read 30 Minutes
30 Minutes of 
i-Ready Math
Read 30 Minutes on MyOn.
Language Arts
Write a story using 5 vocabulary words.
Complete one spelling menu activity. 
Take a practice spelling test. 
Cursive Worksheet.
Cold Read Worksheet
Things to Study
Study for spelling quiz tomorrow. 
Study for vocabulary quiz and reading test tomorrow.  
Happy 100th Day of School! Students may dress as a 100 year old person. 
Early Release
at 2:30

Happy Valentine's Day! Students may wear jeans and a red or pink shirt for $1. 
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Reading Corner
February 5 - February 16

Dear Family Member:

This week our class will be focusing on how kids around the world are different. What kinds of cultures and school experiences do children have in different parts of the world?

Here are some activities that you can do with your child to help reinforce the skills we’ll be practicing.

Word Workout

  • Words to Know: simile
    You and your child will make up sentences using the list words that tell about a family event you celebrate.

  • Spelling/Phonics: r-controlled vowels or, ore, oar; ar, ur, er, ir 
    You will say a word on the list and have your child spell it. He or she will identify the letters that stand for the r-controlled vowel sound. This week’s words contain the phonic sounds spelled or, ore, oar, and ar, ur, er, ir.

  • Comprehension: compare and contrast

Your child will read a short story and then compare and contrast characters and settings.

-Mrs. Nuñez